It’s time to make time for fun

We don’t stop playing because we turn old, but turn old because we stop playing, according to George Bernard Shaw. But why do we stop playing and having fun?

Put simply, I believe, we work longer and harder, both as adults and children. We fill our time being busy but if we reflect on what we’re doing, are we enjoying it? Are we now too busy to have fun?

Why is it important to have fun?
Having fun isn’t just a frivolous use of time. There are benefits to enjoying yourself that actually makes it an important use of our time. Fun:

– Relieves stress and triggers our feel-good chemicals (endorphins)
– Improves brain function when we play games that challenge the brain
– Boosts creativity by helping you to relax and allow your imagination to run free
– Improves relationships as you create new bonds through shared leisure experiences
– Keeps you feeling young as it boosts your energy and improves resistance to illness
– Fun loving, optimistic people live longer because they don’t suffer as much from the physical impacts of stress

We need to create time to play
Look at your schedule and its likely there are no gaps for fun. We need to create time for fun and think of it as part of looking after ourselves, as much as going to the gym for exercise. So how can we “make” time for fun?

– Create a “to do” list of fun activities. People who make lists get more done, so add your fun things to it
– Make arrangements with friends and create a commitment to go and have fun with them
– Create time for the family to play together, such as a games night
– Don’t be at the mercy of your non-fun to do list. Look at the jobs that don’t need to be done at this time and swap them out for fun
– Remind yourself of the value of fun, both emotionally and physically to help justify spending time this way
– Be open to fun, and embrace spontaneity. Be conscious of the “I don’t have time” auto response
– Start a new hobby that will inherently bring you fun

Be a great example to your friends and family, take them on the journey with you and re-prioritise fun based on all its benefits.

The Yellow Couch
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