Ladies and Gentlemen! Do you want to become a confident public speaker?

Preparation and rehearsal goes a long way towards reducing the fear many of us feel leading up to and during a public speaking occasion. But if, despite your best efforts and genuine support from friends, colleagues and your audience, you still suffer an overwhelming sense of fear, hypnotherapy can help you.

Why public speaking can create such strong emotions.
A pounding heart, fear of forgetting words, inability to focus, sweaty palms – sound familiar? There’s a lot going on in your subconscious that’s causing you to feel this way. The negative thoughts you’re having about all the things that could go wrong serve to amplify the fear in your head. This in turn can create a self-perpetuating sense of dread which, combined with a deep-seated desire for approval from your audience, creates a powerful concoction of emotions.

One of the main fears of public speaking is that our delivery won’t be effective in making the audience engage with us as the speaker. This is a key element of a successful speech which you will also enjoy as an experience.

Why this fear is worth addressing
The fear of public speaking doesn’t just happen in front of large audiences. For example, giving a presentation at work to a small group, briefing a boss or standing up at a networking event can instil the same feelings. When this fear affects you on a regular basis it can:

• Prevent you from moving forward at work
• Lead you to miss great opportunities in life
• Stop you from driving your business forward by limiting your ability to engage with potential customers in different venues
• Affect your self confidence

If you feel you’re missing out on opportunities or you’re questioning your wider ability, then support is available to you.

Hypnotherapy can build public speaking confidence.
When talking about the fear, I ask people to imagine a flowing river becoming blocked by a dam. As the water builds, so does the pressure on the dam, which can potentially lead to disaster when it’s all released.

The journey we take to become a public speaker is recognising the dams and finding a new path around them. To do this, there are three steps I use with clients to help them think about their fears in a new way:

• Setting the scene. How your mind works and why you are in your current situation
• Positive suggestion. Bring the conscious and subconscious in tune and explore positive suggestions to overcome fears
• Processing. Over time, negative thinking will be replaced by a more positive mind-set and behaviour

The Yellow Couch is a professional, results focused hypnotherapy service for introducing a more positive way of thinking to your subconscious mind. We help clients overcome a range of issues, including anxiety, phobias, professional development, confidence, public speaking and quitting smoking.

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