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Too often, people are held back in life by mental blocks that are created in their own minds from longstanding fears and anxieties. I became a hypnotherapist because I want to help people overcome those blocks and reach their full potential.

I chose to work in hypnotherapy when I saw the results that were possible. This was brought closer to home when a family member admitted to a fear of flying that was impacting on the lives of their loved ones.

We dealt with the phobia through hypnotherapy, discovering along the way that this fear was a symptom of a more deep seated problem, which we were also able to resolve.

I studied hypnotherapy at Guildford’s Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training (CPHT) – and qualified for my Diploma Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (DSFH) in 2018. I am a member of AfSFH.

I am regularly supervised by an assessor to ensure my work continues to meet these exacting standards.

I established The Yellow Couch at my purpose-built clinic in Chawton, Hampshire, to continue my mission, helping as many people as I can to change the way they think and fulfil their potential.

Contact me to find out how I can help you reach yours.

“I first utilised Suzi’s professional services to help me as I was struggling with SAD. It made me feel very low & consequently I ate more carbohydrates. My weight increased & my self esteem was affected.  Suzi’s practice is a beautiful, relaxing room which instantly gave a feeling of calm & peace. Suzi is a very empathetic lady who took great care not to let you go into trance too quickly.  I always left my sessions feeling very relaxed & at peace within myself. My self esteem & confidence grew & consequently I wanted to improve my health & wellbeing. I have now lost 18 pounds & as a Type 2 Diabetic it has made a huge impact on me & my life. I recommend Suzi’s professional services most highly.”


“Suzi has changed my life!!!

After suffering with a snake phobia for years, she worked her hypnotherapy magic on me.  Before attending sessions with Suzi, I was not even able to watch snakes on the TV, let alone be up close to one.  Now I’m able to watch nature programmes without freaking out when they come on the screen and touch a worm, not quite a snake, big still moves like one.

Suzi makes you feel at ease the minute you walk through the door and I always leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.

I would highly recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who needs help with anxiety, relaxation or phobias and Suzi’s approach to it makes the whole experience a pleasurable one.”


“I originally sought Suzi’s help to conquer my fear of spiders. At the first meeting, Suzi recognised that I had a sleeping disorder and she set about to deal with that. The relaxation/trance tape is unbelievably restful and I listen to it regularly. Although I couldn’t say I am completely comfortable near big spiders, my anxiety about them has diminished to a much more controllable level and the process has been completely fascinating, especially as I was the biggest cynic at first. I could not recommend Suzi highly enough.”


“I love my sessions with Suzi. I run a small business, I enjoy what I do and provide an excellent service however I was struggling talking to clients about costs and always dropping below my worth and the time I worked for them. A few visits to Suzi and her Yellow Couch not only eradicated this problem but tackled a few other stopping points for me at the same time.”


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