Wednesday 13th March 2019 is No Smoking Day. It’s grown into a big event, with adverts and advice bombarding smokers from all directions.

Some people respond well to that sort of exposure and public encouragement, and there is plenty of help on the NHS’s Smokefree website for them, but not everyone fits that mould.

I know the day is meant to raise awareness about the help available, but it can make people who have tried to quit in the past feel like a bit of a failure. It can also come across as patronising, as though they should be trying harder for No Smoking Day.

Another group will just have that contrary streak in them that makes them want to rebel against peer pressure, and others simply won’t be in the right frame of mind to quit “to order” on Wednesday, 13th March.

Giving up smoking is undoubtedly a tough challenge so your best chance of success happens when everything in your life, including your mindset, is lined up and you are determined that this time you really want to do it.

Quitting smoking is all in the mind

I’m sure I don’t need to go into all the statistics and the good reasons why you should stop smoking, but as a hypnotherapy practitioner, I often deal with the deeper layers of thinking that block success and these don’t respond to logical arguments.

If you’ve tried to stop smoking before but failed, or you gave up only to start again, it’s because you weren’t ready and something in your mind stopped you.

I only work with clients if they’ve come to their own conclusion that they’re 100% committed quitting smoking and they’re ready to try hypnotherapy. If they’ve been nagged into coming to see me, by a partner or their doctor, then almost certainly I can’t help them.

When you’re ready to quit smoking, let’s talk

At The Yellow Couch our three-step structure to quit smoking hypnotherapy helps you to control and banish the negative and self-sabotaging thoughts that may have prevented success in the past.

We use smoking hypnotherapy to end the negativity affecting your ability to break the smoking habit, to remove any mental blocks that come from previous attempts to quit and to give you the positive mindset needed to succeed once you are ready to make the change.

To find out more about how we can help you to quit smoking, contact The Yellow Couch today.