How to change your mindset to adapt to new ways.


How we kept in touch with friends, family or work colleagues when working remotely during lockdown had to change, so many of us turned to technologies new to us to stay connected. Making this change was positive as it meant we still got to stay connected with people important to our lives, but for some, the use of a new technology was something they resisted and wouldn’t, or couldn’t, adapt to. Instead, they missed out on catching up with people they are used to talking to regularly.


When I think about the stories I hear of how people seem to struggle when something is different, it serves as a poignant reminder that we all respond to change and adapt to new ways differently. While some embrace it, others feel overwhelmed by it. So, what can we do to be more accepting of change or support those around us who struggle with it?


Why we don’t like change

Even if the outcome of a change is likely to be positive, like using a new technology to make our lives easier, what causes some people to be resistant to it? There may be a few reasons:

* They don’t know what to expect, which can cause anxiety

* They like the current status quo so don’t see a need to change

* They don’t understand the reason for change

* They worry about the new problems change may cause

* The don’t understand the change, causing worry


These concerns frame change as something negative and lead to a closed mindset.


How we adapt to change

Adjusting to new ways is about learning to change our mindset so we become less closed off to what lays ahead. These steps can help reframe our thinking:

* Consider why you are feeling negative about the change, taking time to understand that.

* Accept your mindset needs to adjust to move forward

* Consider all perspectives to find the positive reasons for change

* Focus on what you enjoyed when making a change to acknowledge the benefits

* Don’t be afraid if something goes wrong as this is part of learning

* Accept that you may feel a range of emotions and this can be draining, so take time to look after yourself when going through change.


It doesn’t matter what age you are, we are all capable of adjusting our mindset to be more open to change. Focus on what you enjoyed in a new experience and if you need a little help to adjust, don’t be afraid to ask.


Lockdown has been challenging and for many, a time to reflect as we experience such unprecedented disruption to our day to day lives. In my future blogs I will be exploring this more and considering the opportunities we have to learn from this.


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